Monday, November 10, 2014

Prepping...Part One

Almost through the first half of this crazy colonoscopy prep process. Twenty-four hours without real food & too much time getting to know our bathroom. But at least I'm in the home stretch.

Breakfast was a delicious bowl of white grape vegan jello jigglers with seltzer water and coffee. 

I had a mid-morning snack of CafĂ© Bustelo vegan jello jigglers. So happy I bought cookie cutters at a dollar store a while back: teddy bear, hippo, elephant, heart, star, and weird pointy circle. 

Lunch and dinner were both disgusting bowls of vegetable stock, oddly the worst part of this experience. 

Started drinking prep mixed with coconut water at 5. It started, uh, working before I was done drinking tonight's liter. 

Now, I'm having dessert in the form of crushed white grape juice ice - genius planning on my part. 

I'm a little loopy from not having any actual food, but other than that, I'm doing really well. And to be honest, the loopiness is welcome as it's makes it much easier to entertain myself through this.

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